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japanese model photo guidelines

Your Photos - Guidelines

Attract quality people with amazing photos

how to upload your main photo

Uploading your main photo from computer

Minimum Photo size is 400x400 pixels.

upload main photo
upload main photo from mobile

Uploading your main photo from mobile

Minimum Photo size is 400x400 pixels.

how to upload photos to your gallery

Uploading photos to your gallery from computer

You can upload unlimited photos.
Minimum Photo size is 400x400 pixels.

upload photo tutorial
how upload photo to gallery

Uploading photos to your gallery from mobile

You can upload unlimited photos.
Minimum Photo size is 400x400 pixels.

Why photos PROFILE are so important

The only thing worse than a bad profile photo is no photo at all. Sound strange? It’s true. If you opt to skip the pics in your online profile, you automatically alienate half of your potential audience.
People says photos are the part of a profile that most catches attention when they’re looking online.

First impressions count, we all agree with this.
We only get one chance to make a good first impression. Perhaps in person, your charm and use of language can camouflage your bad side, but in the online world your first impression is made with your face, "your profile picture".

More photo you show in your profile, more you will attract people, that simple.

Good and bad photos

You only have few seconds to catch people's attention, show the best of yourself.

good photo profile

Selfie is always the best pose for a photo profile.

bad photo profile

Showing yourself with a group of friends is ok, problem is people will wonder who is you. Confusion is never a good idea for the first impression.

good selfie of a Japanese girl

Start from fresh, show yourself as a single person.

bad photo profile of a couple
very bad

It's never a good idea to show yourself with your past boyfriend or  girlfriend.

Asian lady selfie
very good

Selfie is always the best way to show yourself with a nice background. In her picture, we understand she likes nature and maybe train as well. The photo tells more about her.

too far photo shot

Don't forget, this is your first impression. If you are too far away in the photo, nobody can see you clearly pushing people to skip your profile.

worst of the worst

Please, don't even consider to use this kind of photo, you will simply lose your precious time online.

bad photo profile man with gun
Not allowed

What a bad energy that person release to visitors. Nobody like guns so please avoid this kind. If you want to look like a bad boy, just show off your tattoos and muscle instead.

very bad photo profile of man in underwear
seriously ??

No comment ah ah
Believe it or not, some men have uploaded this kind of photo ...


There is no rules when it's about profile's photo except nudity, violence and pornography.

As an advice, when you decide which photo to show, consider to be yourself, genuine, maybe sexy or funny ...
More photos you add to your profile, more people will visit and engage conversation with you.

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