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Why Japanese men are popular in foreign countries ?

By Arina Nonaka for TrueLoveJapan

International marriages are increasing while decreasing in japan!

International marriages have been increasing year by year, even if there’s a “cultural differences”. Recently, many of the foreign women are getting attracted to the Japanese men.

Let’s see why they think Japanese men are attractive for them.

Why Japanese men are the most popular in foreign countries?

Reason 1:

Because they are a very hard worker!
Most  of the Japanese men are very, very hard worker.

Reason 2:

They are serious and cool.
The personality of the Japanese men is the “serious”. It’s popular with the foreigners.

Reason 3:

Last one is their kindness. In Japan, the culture of  “ladies first” (Not as much as in korea but still very focus on the lady). It is not same like the foreign countries, but the attitude that they respect women, is also in the Japanese men!

It’s a good point if you are looking for a man to think about you over him.

These are the main reason in my opinion ☆