Photo Guidelines

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Photo Guidelines

TrueLoveJapan Network (“”) is committed to providing a high quality service for our Members. To this end, all photos posted on our site should be consistent with these guidelines.


Photos in your Profile

Photos in your profile consist of your Profile Photo, and Secondary Photos. Your Profile Photo is the photo displayed on the upper left hand corner of your profile, and is also what Members see in search results. Secondary and more photos are presented in your photo gallery of your profile.


Profile Photos

  • Your Profile Photo should be taken within the last 2 years. It must present a clear image of your face and is ideally:
  • full-faced
  • with your eyes open
  • including the top of your head and the bottom of your chin
  • with no distracting shadows on your face or the background
  • without items that conceal your face such as sunglasses or hats

Your Profile Photo should not include other people in it. These are more appropriate for your Secondary Photos (Photo Gallery).


Secondary Photos (Photo Gallery)

Secondary Photos (Photo Gallery) are a great opportunity to express yourself, your interests and lifestyle. You may upload up to 15 Secondary Photos within your profile as a free member and up to 100 as a upgraded member (Bronze, Silver or Emperor Membership). Photos that express who you are and what you like to do should be added here.

Please note that all photos must be consistent with our Community Content Guidelines.


Photo Format

Only JPG, PNG or GIF file formats that are of the dimension of 146 x 146 pixels are acceptable to use in your profile. If you upload a bigger size, the photo may look distorded. Photos with a dimension larger than 320 x 320 pixels are scaled down to 146 x 146 for optimal viewing.

If you have specific questions concerning these guidelines, feel free to contact Customer Care.

Please note that we reserve the right to suspend profiles that do not follow these guidelines. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in account termination and any unused period in your paid subscription will not be refunded.

TrueLoveJapan (TLJ) reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.


Photo Recommendations

Our research shows that men and women have very different approaches to the camera when it comes to online dating profile photos. For instance, women smile in their photos about 50% more than men do and post a flirtatious photo of themselves about four times more. Are these photos effective in attracting men? Yes! Here are some tried and tested photo recommendations for women and men respectively.


Photo Recommendations for Women

Say More with a Flirtatious Photo Imagine you’re looking at a guy you fancy. Flash that flirtatious look to the camera just as you would to him. Your flirtatious look produces the same effect on- and off- camera – it arouses men’s interest. Be sure to maintain eye contact, as flirting away from the camera is a turn-off. If you’re going to make eyes at someone, shouldn’t it be with the person looking at your photo?


guideline photo women

guideline photo women


Include a Cleavage Shot

Everyone knows that breasts get attention, so it comes as no surprise when profiles that include a cleavage shot draws almost 50% more messages than average. Have it? Flaunt it!

Cleavage Shot of Asian woman guideline



Photo Recommendations for Men

Don’t Maintain Eye Contact

Don’t look directly into the camera, guys. Instead, go for a somewhat mysterious gaze slightly next to the camera lens. It has been proven that photos of men who look slightly to the right or left of the camera attracts about 30% more women than profile photos that maintain eye contact with the viewer.

mens photo guideline


Show Off Those Great Abs

If you have a well-trained body, show it. With an overall average of just below 6 women met per 10 attempts, men who post photos without their shirt on meet almost 9 women.

Show Off Those Great Abs


Do Something Interesting

Ultimately, it’s what makes you interesting and conversation-worthy that will attract women the most. Men with photos in their profile depicting an interesting or unusual activity meet about one third more women than average on a dating site.

Do Something Interesting