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How to contact members ?

Let's cover some basic functions to start messaging other members

how to send a like

Sep 1

SHow your interest

Once you have opened a member's profile, select the stamp of your choice and click on the pink button. It will send that stamp's emotion to the receiver. Your receiver will even get your stamp by email.

A "Stamp" is exactly like sending a "LIKE".

Sending a LIKE

  • men

    As a man, you can send up to 8 LIKE per day for free.

  • women

    As a woman, you can send up to 5 LIKE per day for free.

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messaging rules

Step 2

Start messaging

Once you both liked each other, you can start messaging.

You can send unlimited messages for free.

However, there is a rule to keep the experience for women safer and to prevent excessive messages from unwanted members.

Reading messages

  • women

    As a free member, women can read up to 25 messages per day.

  • men

    As a free member, men can read 6 messages per 3 days. (*New, 5 more per 3 days)

  • limitation

    As a free member, you can not message your ID or Email but you are allowed to send your phone number.

  • stamps and photos

    Inside the chat, you can use the Stamp's Emotion for free without limitation.

    Sending photos inside the chat: This option is active if one of you are under Bronze, Silver or VIP Passport Plan.
    Click on the "M" button located at left of the typing text box to see the "send photo" button.
    (That button appear only if you can use it)

    chat stamps

Tips to increase likes

If you joined TrueLoveJapan community, it's because you wish to meet someone. But what if your profile actually attract nobody ?

Here are three ways to engage your first-time visitors:

1. Add a main photo (nobody will contact you without this photo)
2. Add at least 3 photos to your gallery (photos of you obviously)
3. Fill all your profile's question (Attract people with same values as yours)
4. Create a clear introduction about your ideal person
5. Send a LIKE to someone you wish to connect
5. Search for your potential connection
6. Send coins to someone you like
7. Show and ask opinion to your friends about your new connection
8. Send engaging messages (not easy but who wants to feel bored)

How effective is it ?

100% Add main photo
100% add photos to the gallery
92% Filling the profile
95% adding a text introduction
%98 Sending a like
71% Sending coins
96% engaging messages
45% ask friend's opinion
100% keep updating photo's profile

top engaging messages

First, top rule to become a good chatter is to be INTERESTED with your connection

1. Tell me about your weekend
2. Has anyone ever told you ____ ? (compliment)
3. Ask opinion about actuality
4. Tell me about you.
5. What project or hobby are you working on right now ?
6. Working on anything exciting lately ?
7. How was your day today ?
8. What was the high-point and low-point of your day so far ?
9. Is this a busy time for you ?
10. What are you doing this weekend…
11. What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends ?
12. What are your favorite restaurants ?
13. Do you like sport ?
14. What kind of drink do you prefer ?
15. Do you like to drink ?
16. Do you like shopping ?
17. Did you see that YouTube video? It was all over my social media today.
18. Do you like traveling ?
19. How come you are still single ?
20. I am interested to be friend with you, what about you ?

big no no

This is very simple, don't be too straight to the point. Asking for email contact or phone number at very first time is a big turn off, even scary.

Being the host in a conversation is truly amazing but keep space for your guest as well. Being a listener and the host at same time create a good balance in a conversation.

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