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how does it work to meet someone online on true love japan


You can Upgrade your account from membership page.

Free member
Upgrade member
Message to send per day
Male can send: 10

Female can send: 15

message to send

Even free members can contact you unlimited times

Message to read per day
Male can read: 1

Female can read: 5

messages to read
unlock message

Unlock Button Message

Male can unlock: 1 per a week

Female can unlock: 5 per 24 hrs

No need to unlock anymore.

Character Message Limitation

160 words per message


For both of you and your match

Message Limitation
It’s not allowed to share any personal information such as Email, Skype, Line, ID’s… (**)

100% Unlocked

Both of you and your match can exchange messages without any limitation

You can even send image file if you want.

Main Photo
Main photo must be a clear image of your face

Non clear and non related photo will be deleted

unlock message

Sending a Like

Male can send Like: 3 per day

Female can send Like: 5 per day

No Need Likes Anymore !
Sending a Stamp
Male can send: 3 in total

Female can send: 35 in total

Up to 100 Stamps
depending of your plan

** An account will be terminated without any notice if this rule is abuse. This rule is to protect women against harassment.

1. Free membership person

You can send messages to 25 different person per a day,  each message will have a 160 words limitation.

If you want to send a longer message to the same person, you can divide it into multiple times (multiple send).

In case of Free membership, you can not exchange your private information such as email address, skype, Line or any other ID’s to protect women’s privacy. If you want to share your private information, please upgrade.

You can receive unlimited messages and your account will keep all your message history for 7 years, but you need to “Unlock” function when you want to read.

The number of “Unlock” you can use now are shown on your message window as a Orange Button with a countdown inside the button.

Even if you will consume all of your “Unlock” button today, you will get them back after in 24 hours for women and 48 hours for men, so don’t worry to consume everything. Actually, if you will come back regularly , you will have unlimited unlock forever.

2. Upgrading to Bronze, Silver or Emperor Plan

You can send unlimited message、and you won’t have word limitation anymore . You can share your private information such as email address too if you want. ( But please take time until you can trust 100% each other.)

You are also able to send images trough the message chat box.

The sender will be able to reply you without any limitation as well so you will probably get longer reply.

You can also receive unlimited message too, and you don’t need to use the message “Unlock” button anymore, a pure freedom!

Moreover, other members can read your messages without any limitation anymore, same as you and because of your membership status.

If meeting someone in a natural and fastest way is what you are looking for, upgrading is your solution.
For the price of a daily coffee, you can have an upgrade for the same price !