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Signs of Fake Profile

What's worst than scammers ? Here a tutorial that will help you

verified profile

Let's all be honest, who wants to lose time with someone fake ?

That's why we offer a verification system.
Becoming verified is simple and show others you are real.
Scammers has been a forever issue in every online website, yes, even Facebook, the giant social media.

Why ? Because on 75% of websites, people refuse to become verified. Do you know the meaning of "being catfished" ? 

This "might" happen if you meet someone that has not been verified.

All it takes is one photo of you showing a paper with your full name and website name. TrueLoveJapan made it so simple that it takes only 5 minutes to do it and it is actually working very well !

How to become verified ?

Step 1: Take one photo !

Using your mobile, webcam or camera, take one photo of you holding a paper. Write on that paper your full name or username with the website name which is TrueLoveJapan.

Step 2: upload it

Once ready, go to your profile, if you are not already been asked to become verified, you can click on the button "Get Verification Badge" located in the menu.


It takes up to 48 hours to get verified by the security staff

Important to not be declined

1. Obviously, your verified photo must be same as your profile's main photo

2. The photo must be enough clear to be read

how to become verified photo

Why verifying your identity so important ?

To protect you and every members against scammers. TrueLoveJapan has a very strict rule regarding the security and privacy.
Safety is the priority #1 and every members must be genuine.
Your ID photos will never be public, it is 100% confidential between you and TrueLoveJapan Security Staff based in Tokyo.

How to Recognize scammers ?

It can be very tricky because these kind of people are really well organized and they are making million of money each month using desperate people. TrueLovejapan is not only a website community, it is also a matching dinner services based in Japan and with time, we have seen and heard so many stories. The worst was a Nigerian pretending to be a man from another country end up asking financial help. That 60 years widow woman was withdrawing money for him every single month until she end up with no money left for her retirement despite many advices from police and bank adviser.
Just pay attention to signs and all will be fine.


If the person on the photo looks like magazine or very old style, this might be a sign that person is a scammer.
If the person refuse to add more photo, it might be a sign.

Messaging - Email

There is a reason scammers wish for you to contact them directly via private email and not use messaging available through the TrueLoveJapan site. Share your ID only once you are sure. 

Messaging - Opinion

Scammers have broad profile interests so that they can appeal to as many people as possible. if someone doesn’t seem to have an opinion or their interests are very broad, be worry.

Messaging - Caring

If the person care too much about you in very short time, it might be a sign. Normal people take their time normally.

Messaging - Caring

If the person care too much about you in very short time, it might be a sign. Normal people take their time normally.

I love you

Scammers are Prince charming. They will lure you with some romantic sentences to make you fall. It's better to meet first in real before saying i love you.

Asking money

The purpose of being a scammer is to find money by luring the person with too much compliment. If the person ask at any time for money or even gift card, just say no and report.

Where does scammers from ?

Scammers are normally from Nigeria and the other around areas, Africa, Russia.
Want's more details, click here 

We work for your safety

TrueLoveJapan has a dedicated team open 24 hours a day filtering members one by one and 97% of scammers are removed, banned and reported to police.

How to block a member

If you feel someone contacting you is a scammer or a false identity, all you have to do is to go to the profile, click on the Flag icon and click on the "report" and "block" button. The security staff will then take care of that member.

the verification badge does "not" guarantee

The verification badge does not guarantee the person's country origin and the criminal background history.


The verification badge does guarantee the person's photos are genuine and the email used for this profile is real.


If an upgraded member (Bronze, Silver, VIP passport Plan) is asking you to contact outside of TrueLoveJapan at your first messaging, consider this person suspicious. Ask more question to make sure.

If someone ask for money or gift card, just block and report !

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