Content Guidelines

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Community Content Guidelines

TrueLoveJapan Networks (“ ”) is committed to providing a high quality service for our Members. To this end, Member created content must follow these guidelines.



Your main photo must show a “clear” image of your face. If your “main” photo is not enough clear or show something else than your own face, it will be removed. This rule is to provide a more accurate experience for users in the search of Love or Friendship.

Photo in the gallery (photos at right side of your profile) can show other content than yourself, as long as it doesn’t advertise products, website or any kind of promotions.


Nudity, Pornography, and Overtly Sexual Material

Materials that depict genitals or are explicit in their sexual nature are not acceptable.


Personally Identifiable Information

One of the benefits of the TrueLoveJapan service is that it allows you to explore your romantic interests while maintaining anonymity. Therefore, personally identifiable information such as email addresses, telephone numbers or IM usernames may not appear within a profile or anywhere on TrueLoveJapan.

Private Messages

Your Member profile should be used for sharing information about yourself, your interests, and lifestyle. Private messages to others written in a profile field are not consistent with our guidelines.


The use of profanity is not condoned on TrueLoveJapan. This includes the use of language that is racist, hateful, overtly sexual or obscene in nature.

Advertisements inside your profile

Advertisements (published by you, the member) inside your profile of merchandise, services or commercial offers are NOT acceptable.

Copyrighted or Trademarked Material

The use of copyrighted or trademarked materials is not allowed, including photographs from websites or publications which are published under copyright. This would include photos of celebrities, trade or service marks, popular brand marks or copyrighted images.

If you wish to report copyright infringements, please email

Inappropriate Content

Any content that TrueLoveJapan deems as inappropriate or that violates our Terms of Use is not permitted.

If you have specific questions concerning these guidelines, feel free to contact Customer Care.

Please note that reserves the right to suspend profiles that do not meet these guidelines. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in account termination and any unused period in your paid subscription will not be refunded. reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.