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Getting started

Getting started

What is TrueLoveJapan ?

TrueLoveJapan has been created by a Japanese and a French couple. Both living in Japan, they have experienced an amazing life with friends, new culture and a pure love for each other. Now, they wish to help people just like you to live the same kind of life.

Whether you are looking to find a serious partner for love or maybe learn Japanese language with someone or even meet a new friend in Japan, we want to help you!

The team is now counting over 15 specialist in the team specialized in social and couple relation to improved tools and ideas in the website.

With our own experience in Japan and expertise, you are sure we will guide you in the right direction. Join now, fill your profile, add photos and start browsing member’s photos to find someone matching exactly what you are looking for. For the rest, let the magic happen.

How to join TrueLoveJapan

Click on the button “Become a member” located at top of the home page. You can register via your Facebook account or by using your email.

Is it Free ?

Yes, it is free to use TrueLoveJapan website. You can even send and read messages for free under a small rule to keep the experience safe for every members.

Is it Safe ?

Oh yes, this is very safe !
Your account is encrypted. We can not mention which kind for obvious reason but you have the latest and strongest encryption to keep your data safe. TrueloveJapan do not store any personal data so you are even safe about this.
Each member are monitored 24 hours a day by real people here in the team to prevent scammers and fraud.

How does it work ?

Once you find someone you are interested, you click on the photo and the profile will open. You will see button named “LIKE”, you must click on that button to show to that member that you are interested. You will not be able to send or exchange messages with that member until that member send you back a “LIKE”.

Sending messages rule

It is free to send unlimited messages for men and women.

Reading messages rule

It is free to read messages. However, there is a rule for safety. Men can read “one” message per 96 hours. while women can read up to 20 messages per day. This is to keep the experience between free members safer.

Is there a upgrade plan ?

Yes, if you prefer to remove the limitation on reading messages, you can upgrade to a Bronze Passport, Silver Passport or Emperor Passport. Normally people who are more serious about finding someone regardless of the purpose upgrade their account to remove the reading limitation.

Why should i upgrade my account ?

You don’t need to upgrade. Even with your free account, you can find someone and meet in real. We see this happening every day here. But some people are little busy with work and some wish to increase their chance to find someone special. By upgrading your account, not only you can read unlimited messages but your profile rank up to the first page in the search result with a unique badge popping you out of the crowd. You can even have a VIP badge keeping you at the very top of the receiver message list when you send your message. Your message will never be lost anymore among all the other messages,
Try it, you will see how it’s effective!.

Bronze, Silver and Emperor Passport main benefits includes:

. You will see if your message has been read
. Your profile will appear at top in the search result with a special badge
. You will be able to read unlimited messages
. See hot members of the day
. Send photos in messages

What is a “Verified Badge” ?

This is in our opinion the most effective way to tell the others that you are real and not fake. In this world where everything has doubt, having a “verified” badge next to your main photo in your profile attract more people and increase trust by 200%.

How can i have the “Verified Badge” ?

The Verify Badge is free.
All you have to do is to go to the left menu of the home page and click on the button “Get verified”. Send 2 clear photos of you and 1 more photo of you holding a paper. On that paper, write your username and the name of the website “TrueLoveJapan”.

Your 3 photos will be reviewed by specialist to make sure nothing is fake. We can not divulge the way we verify for security reason but if it is approved, you will see your badge few days after.

How many photo can i post in my profile

Up to 50 photos you can keep in your storage (soon increasing)

How real people are on TrueLoveJapan ?

If you are reading this english version, it means you are probably interested to find someone living in Japan or someone from Japan. TrueLoveJapan do dating event in Tokyo and Osaka few times per year. There are some event where members can have advices from expert face to face. All Japanese people on TrueLoveJapan are real and mostly lives in Japan.


Every type of relation require trust. Trust is everything in a healthy relation. If you join TrueLoveJapan, expect to have result “only” if you follow the basic rules:

1#. Fill your profile correctly because people wants to know about you
2#. Add more than 3 photos to show who you are in your daily life
3#. Be polite when you message someone. Messaging something like “hello baby, you are hot” wont bring you anything to be honest. Just be yourself and you will see how people will message you back 🙂

If you are agree with these simple steps then trust me, you will find someone for sure here. It will change your life !

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