Starbucks Raspberry White Mocha in Tokyo

My Starbucks Seasonal recommendation in Tokyo

Are you in Japan this month ? (November)

If yes, you gotta try this one !

“THE” Starbucks Japan’s MUST-TRY seasonal drink!

The Raspberry White Mocha!

I am a big fan of Starbucks since 15 years and i like their seasonal drinks, it’s always different and tasty. Makes me feel home 🙂

Today is pretty cold, 18 degrees. On the way to the temple in Yoyogi park when i came across a Starbucks, i saw this november’s special Raspberry White Mocha. Oh my, i had to try it just at least to make me feel warmer outside.

Look at this

Raspberry white mocha topped with crispy white chocolate.

I ordered with extra white chocolate. So so so tasty!!

If you have a sweet tongue, that one is for you.

This is an espresso covered with sweet and sour raspberries with white crispy chocolate.


  • Short ¥ 440
  • Tall ¥ 480
  • Grande ¥ 520
  • Venti ¥ 560


Starbucks Raspberry White Mocha is my recommendation this month but with an extra chocolate spoon to balance the sour taste. Yummy!


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