Japanese ladies for marriage

Japanese ladies for marriage

Japanese ladies for marriage

If you are reading this topic, it means you are ready for the big step and you probably wish to find “THE”, perfect Japanese lady matching your expectation in every sense of the word. Trust me, there is a lady for everyone of you even for the most picky guy!

You will be impressed how Japanese ladies makes the perfect wife !! Honest, passionate and devoted to their husband … What more can a man ask for.

I am a Canadian married to an amazing Japanese lady. We met here at truelovejapan site. I have been living in Japan since over 12 years now. I have been enough lucky to learn their culture very well over the years helping me to be more aware of what kind of life am i jumping in because trust me, it’s so different than our culture. You know culture gap? Your life can be so beautiful in Japan if you know how it works so i will help you.

If you are a foreigner living outside Japan, the biggest advice i can give you is, TAKE YOUR TIME to discover the Japanese culture even before you start thinking about “hunting” Japanese ladies for marriage. Why? Simply because everything is so different. Values, priorities, the living itself … When people are in a hurry and don’t take time to know the partner very well, it sometimes end up to divorce or cheating and you don’t want this. That’s why today, i will do my best to give you some tips and explain you some very important difference between their culture and ours.

Let’s start with men’s priorities:

“Normally” mens are looking for 3 points when searching for the perfect lady.

  1. Her Character
  2. Her Inner Values such as life, goals, priorities, security.
  3. Her Physical Life Values such as clothing styles, her look, preferences in the home we select to buy or rent and health.

And no, unlike women, “normally” mens with a good living life do not care so much about her financial assets (but still, few are making a priority)

Now that we are aware what we are looking for as a man, let’s see what Japanese ladies are really looking for!

Women’s Priorities:

Japanese ladies are “mainly” looking for these 6 points (Crucial points):

  1. Do you live in Japan (75% of women care about living in Japan and the others are totally ok to move out)
  2. Your income (Income become very important)
  3. Your Job Type
  4. Do you speak Japanese a little at least ?
  5. Do you want kids ? (If your answer is no, you will have difficulty to find a Japanese partner)
  6. Do you want to get marry (Again, if your answer is no, you will be in trouble)

You can notice some difference between women in your own country and women in Japan. Of course, there is always exception, Japan is populated of zillion of people so everybody are different but still, this is the majority.

These stats has been taken from our 250 interviews taken in Tokyo and Osaka from walking people around with 2 host. A man and a woman to make sure each participant are feeling comfortable and mostly, honest with their answers.

If you are happy with all these points then you will be a very good candidate to find your special lady in Japan with no doubt. It’s not so complicated once we know what they are looking for. As long as you are both happy all will be just perfect.

Note: It is very important to note that 85% of Japanese women wish to become housewife. This is in the culture’s mind since forever. I know many foreigners are not agree about that idea so it’s important to be aware of it because your job will play a big factor in the health’s relationship.


Japanese ladies are normally ready to get married from 21 to 27 years old. Once a women reach over 27, if i can say this way, it become the panic mode. Because in Japanese culture, a woman is well seen if she is married under 30 and even if should say under 27 to be very honest. But it’s true since 2014, there is a switch in the society making business women becoming very powerful preventing them to start a family and getting married until they reach 40, society is changing recently. Secondly, giving birth. It become more difficult for women over 35 and they know this. Another reason to seatle down as a housewife is the intense stress from work.

Fashion Style

If look is important for you, here some popular type of Japanese ladies style in Japan:

The Ojikawa Style (おじガール)

ojikawa clothes style in Japan
ojikawa clothes style in Japan

French toast girl Style (フレトー女子)

Japanese fashion french toast girl's style
Japanese fashion french toast girl’s style

The mote kei fashion style

The femininity without the overly sexy appeal
The femininity without the overly sexy appeal

The cool gal gyaru style

Women desire to have a unique style without being to close to the mainstream fashion
Women desire to have a unique style without being to close to the mainstream fashion
The Kawaii Style
The Kawaii Style

The Ginza Style

Ginza Style
Ginza Style, mixed with brands and stylish clothes
Sexy Ginza Style
Sexy Ginza Style

The Street’s Style

Tokyo clothes style
Tokyo clothes style

The Office Ladies Style

A common lady office style in Japan
A common lady office style in Japan

There is seriously way too many style to name them all but at least you can have a tiny look at how Japanese ladies look like in Japan. As you see, there is a type for every taste. If you wonder why i didn’t show the Harajuku, Gothic Lolita or any similar style, it’s because these fashion are “normally” for ladies under 20 but of course, there are some exception.

Hair style

Let me tell you something interesting that most of foreigner have no idea. Did you know why most of women over 20 years old have dark hair and not blonde or any flashy colored hair style ? Well, serious company in Japan rarely allow people to have colored hair.   So let say you work for Toyota in Tokyo which is a serious company, as an employee, you must have dark hair to look professional. There are some cool companies such as GREE Gaming office in Roppongi in Tokyo allowing to have tiny colored hair such as a slighty light colored (black to brown by example). If you see someone with bleached hair, blonde or any flashy color, it either means that person doesn’t work or she is working in a fashion clothes shop. Harajuku or the Shibuya 109 by example …

It’s very useful to know this, before even asking “what is your job?”, you already have a small idea of her background. Try it, you will see!

Dating Tips to select a serious lady for marriage

Here are some very useful tips that has been tested over the years

  1. You go dinner with your lady, it’s time to pay, please, don’t be cheap, pay ! (It will be your best start)
  2. Never ask for sex on the first date. (If she is not serious, she wont call you back anyway)
  3. Don’t keep talking non stop, you will make her sleepy
  4. Ask if she likes kids and/or marriage without being too aggressive, this is the first day after all
  5. That one is the 100% tested tip: If you date a woman over 26 years old or so, if she looks serious at first talk and if she likes you, you can be sure it will end up to a wedding within the same year if you wish. (There is exception but most of women in Japan dream to get married so it wont be that difficult actually, just be honest).


In few words, beautiful and unique style !

This is how your Japanese lady will look like during the Japanese ceremony

The tradiotional bridal kimono
The traditional bridal kimono
More stylish wedding kimono for those with a bigger budget
More stylish wedding kimono for those with a bigger budget

This photo is when i joined my good friend’s Japanese ceremony in Tokyo. He is from Germany and her from Osaka. And yes, if you wonder, they met on truelovejapan too ! They are still very happy and their family is growing in Japan. I like success story 🙂

Wedding ceremony in Tokyo
Wedding ceremony in Tokyo

Wedding Budget

Actually, there is a wedding for any budget as low as $1000 USD . You don’t have to be rich to have a beautiful ceremony. The most expensive spending is paying for the location.

There is good information in that wedding site about the Shrine, the kimono and the ceremony and this site too about location.

So, as a foreigner, you will have the Japanese ceremony then the wedding. These are at different location normally. And, most of foreigner wish to get married again in their own religion so “it may” end up with 2 wedding.

Tip: If you have enough budget, let me tell you the dream wedding trip for most Japanese ladies. If you can bring her to Hawaii for the honey moon and Okinawa to get married, you will reach her ultimate dream ever. Okinawa have amazing locations to get married, it’s really worth it but it’s expensive so shop around before. And there is some kind of stereotype about Hawaii that is it the dream place for honey moon, you can ask your Japanese friend and you will see 🙂


I guess i gave you all possible advice. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me.




i am living for traveling and take photo around the world!!


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    .- Your income (Income become very important)
    .- Your Job Type

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    Yes, “Buy a Love” would be the correct Phrase

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