Getting to know you – Part 1

How to introduce yourself in Japanese

Asking questions is something Japanese like. Being the host if you can.


Hello (in the morning): Ohayō

Hello (in the day time): Kon’nichi-wa

Hello (at night time): Komban-wa

It will be a very good start if you can remember these 3 way to say hello.

Nice to meet you (first time you meet each other): Hajimemashite

Where do you live ?: Doko-ni sunderu-no ?

Where are you from ?: Anata no shusshin wa doko desu ka?

Where do you come from ?: Doko kara kitano ?


I’m from America : Atashi-wa America kara kita-no

I’m from U.K : Atashi-wa Igirisu kara kita-no

I’m from Australia : Atashi-wa Õsutoraria kara kita-no

I’m from New Zealand : Atashi-wa Nyujirando kara kita-no


How old are you ?: Nansai de su ka?


To this question, girls will usually answer with “GUESS ! How old do you think i am ?” (Atete !, Nansai da to omou ?) or she might say ” How old do i look ?” (Ikutsu ni mieru ?).

So, for beginners, the easiest way is to remember the first word of the sentence, that will help you to guess what she asked or answered.


With this short lesson, you will be fine for the very first minutes of your introduction. You wont look like a total stranger anymore which is what you want on a successful date.


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