Gari-Gari Kun increase price for the first time in Japan

GariGariKun frozen candy price increase by 10 yen for the first time in Japan

Have you ever heard of the famous ice sweet candy named Gari Gari Kun? Commonly called by westerners a Popsicle! Probably not if you never came to Japan but if you did, chance are that you even taste one of the many delicious flavor. Not only the taste is amazing but this is one of the most famous and oldest frozen candy in Japan. Even me when i was a child my mom bought me so many of this one and i liked it so much!!

GariGariKun Ice Flavor
GariGariKun Ice Soda Flavor

For the first time, after 26 years, the company Akagi Nyugyo announced they will increase the price by a “huge” 10 yen. Around .10 cents in the usd currency. The price never change since the first day which makes this news very special.

I saw this news on every channel today enough to show you how it has been welcomed like a big bang.

When we see all the price increases in grocery around Europe, America and Canada, let say a tomato box was $4 .usd in 2015 and now in 2016 the price for the same box is $9, we realize their tiny 10 yen is nothing after all.

Selling over 200 million annual product, it shows how this delicious candy is popular in Japan.

Apologizing with respect and sincere devotion for a tiny 10 yen increase, this is how Akaginyugyo President and CEO Hideki Inoue are treating their loyal customers.

Akaginyugyo President
Akaginyugyo President

Here the “ガリガリ君「値上げ篇」(60秒)” video the company made to apologize

If you see a message “this video is private” when you try to watch it, it is because you are located outside of Japan. The maker of garigarikun made it viewable locally only, sorry about the inconvenience.

In short words, the video explain how they are sorry to increase the price but they had no choice and they apologize again.
In case you feel this video is kind of funny because of the music maybe, i have to admit it’s even cute, rest assure this is very serious for Japanese. It is common to see on news high corporate employers crying or fall on their knees, bowing of course and apologize in any possible way on TV to show how they are sorry.


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