My experience with Airbnb and TrueLoveJapan

How to used Airbnb with TrueloveJapan to make your life so much better in Japan ?

Let me help you by telling you my own story.

First off, let me thanks all these tech companies trying their best to help regular people like us. Online tools makes life so much better now.

I have been married to the most wonderful Japanese woman during 10 years. She made me discover Japan with a big “J”. And because of her, i could finally know the real meaning of love. Thank you again.  But unfortunately, she left with my heart and our apartment in Asakusa which means i had nothing left. As you know, Japan is very expensive and the main language is not English but Japanese so it’s not that easy to start a new life with someone here.

I had to start over with almost nothing left, it was not easy. Going to bars meeting ladies is so not my thing. I always feel bars is for people seeking one night stand more than finding decent people mostly if you are a Gaijin in Japan, you know what i mean.

My new mission was to find a new place to stay in Japan without being too much expensive. Here, almost everything is available as a rental so forget the idea of buying an apartment because it’s not that common here. Actually you can find some nice places to buy but banks wont give you a loan if you aren’t a Japanese citizen. So unless you have at least $300 000 USD cash for a small 900 square feet apartment then you are screwed to rent a place.

I still believe spending time with someone with common interest is the best feeling so hunting time was on !

But where to go ?

So many foreigner like roppongi to hunt girls but, in my opinion, chance to find someone serious in a bar are from 0 to 10%, unless you are just looking for sex … And if you go to other area such as shibuya or azabu-juban, it’s getting much better but again, unless you can speak fluently Japanese, you will have a rough time to express yourself.

So, i finally found a way much easier. I want to point out the word “easier” here. Don’t waste your time in the wild, you will simply lose your time.

I discovered Airbnb!

I’m enough lucky to be on a waiting list to buy my new apartment located in Azabu-Juban so in the mean time, i had to find a way to rent a room for three months without spending too much money. Three factor was important.  It must be clean, near to the train station and not so far from a grocery. Of course the price as well. Thanks to my ex wife to taught me this. If you can find a room with these three points with a reasonable price, it will be a win win for you. Then, i started to use Airbnb website and kept browsing room after room using the filter “entire home”.

At first, prices was little bit high for the look. And location was too far from the city as well. I almost gave up when i finally found a room. The photos made me feel homey and price was really good. I was wondering where’s the catch. I contacted the host and everything looked fine so i did book it before someone else took it. This is a two floor apartment with kitchen, furniture, TV, bed, actually this is an entire home in Azabu near the beautiful park ! I was so impressed so i took it for 3 month. Seriously, the price was so much lower than hotels. I am still wondering how hotels can survive to this new bnb trend. As for now, i am so satisfied and i really have no complain whatsoever. It takes me 2 minutes by walking to a huge grocery, 10 minutes by train to Shibuya, Isn’t amazing ! Everything is around. What more can you ask for?

Airbnb vs Hotel

Ah! I really wonder how hotels will keep up with this airbnb trend. Prices are so much lower. Hotel’s room in Japan in a safe location not too far from downtown area start from $250 per night. It doesn’t seem expensive when you see every hotel charging the same but it’s actually a lot of money for a very small room without kitchen.

I know one place, it’s located in Azabu. Price per night start from only $75. It’s called Azabu-Court. I tried that place many time before i got married with my Japanese wife. Unlike hotel, price is lower and their front desk is very friendly which is a good thing for a first trip to Japan. They can help you for everything. You even can use the laundry on the first floor. I can make another topic about this place with more details but the only down side about Azabu-Court is room are not renewed so it’s a little bit old style and the nearest grocery is very close and perfect for foreigner by the way but, little bit pricey due to the location. If i have to compare Hotels vs Airbnb vs Azabu-Court, Airbnb wins by far because you can choose so many different location with your selected budget. There is no price fixing conspiracy like hotels does since decades …

How i found my love

The room was booked, it was time to hunt for a new woman. I started to use a couple of website. Okcupid, Japancupid, you know, all the cupid era …But all dating sites have a common problem that turned me off. Scammers ! Why scammers are drowning dating sites like this !! 50% of reply i got was from a random unknown person, i guess from Nigeria or somewhere else but it was so annoying. While i was browsing profiles, instead of enjoying photos, i was wondering if photos was genuine. It’s like you go to a BMW drive test but instead of enjoying the ride you keep wondering if the BMW logo is a genuine or a copy from China … That almost made me stop using dating sites or dating apps…

Then, i discovered true love japan website. Oh my, what a difference. The main issue i had with all these sites has been fixes on true love japan. When i browsed photos on their site or their mobile version, i could notice a small green verified badge. Wow, this, my friend, is what i was looking for and you should to !

They actually really verify each person’s photo to make sure there is no guy behind girl’s photos! That’s a game-changing security. And how do i know they really verify them, well, i got verified too so we all go trough the verification process. I don’t mind to do it if i can have in return the right to know who is real or fake, right ?! That’s a win win for sure.

After few days, i upgraded my account to unlock all features, i was serious to find someone and i was tired to feel lonely. few weeks later, I could meet seven potential girls between 21 to 33 years old. That was the age range i was looking for. I was actually very impressed. Each time i met someone, nobody got late, dinner was so interesting and they looked same as their photos. I have no complain at all.

In my case, i am living in Tokyo now so it was little bit easier than when i was staying outside. I am still friend with six of them, we still go dinner and have drinks once a while an with one of them, we became couple. I finally feel happy and without going too much in my private life, i have to say i could gain back the life i lost. Trust and love is so important. We are all busy but knowing someone is waiting for you is comforting feeling.

I didn’t know before but after what i have been trough, i realized how it’s easy to get betrayed and even by the person you love the most which means, don’t count on others, find your own place and use only trusted dating website.


I used Airbnb and TrueLoveJapan together during 3 months and i could get a life i was wishing for without spending too much money and i now leave like a real local Gaijin in Japan without asking help to anyone. If you have any question or need help, just ask me and i will do my best. Thank you 🙂





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