Where to buy Popsicle in Japan?

Popsicle in Japan

You are walking around the neighbor in Japan, it’s so hot and humid outside and you suddenly have a crave for something sweet and refreshing. Maybe you feel for a Popsicle but have no idea where to find the best one. Let me help you!

In Japan, there is one very famous brand, one of the oldest Japanese style Popsicle called “Gari Gari Kun“!! Have you ever hear of this?


what is a gari gari kun? This is it!
what is a GariGarikun? This is it, the most delicious ice frozen Popsicle style in Japan!

In case you wonder the meaning, Gari Gari = Crunchy (Similar sound when you crush ice with your teeth) and Kun = Cute word for Boys.

Created 26 years ago by the company Akagi Nyugyo based in Fukaya (Saitama Prefecture), known for it’s traditional summer kakigori (かき氷) treat ice candy shell available in many fuzzy flavors claimed by million of child across Japan.

What is a kakigori? A Japanese shaved ice sweet flavored with many different kind of syrup.

Despite the tiny 10 yen GariGariKun price increase in March 26th 2016, it is still the most eaten frozen candy among child and even adult.

The price is as low as 60 yen and it comes in many flavor

Look at these delicious frozen candy !
Look at these delicious frozen candy !

The most popular is the Ice Soda but it comes in many different flavor:

Popular Flavors:

Ice Soda Candy

Yuza (A Japanese Lemon, a citrus fruit)

Acerola Berry (A Japanese fruit known to cure some illness)






Even some unusual flavor such as:

Neapolitan Spaghetti

Corn soup flavor

White stew flavor

Red bean tai

Cream puff flavor and many new are coming …

This is the Ice Soda GariGariKun flavor
This is the Ice Soda GariGariKun flavor
Different Fruit Flavor
Different Fruit Flavor from the freezer
The inside of the corn one
The inside of the corn one
Corn Flavor
Corn Flavor


Find your GariGariKun !

It wont be so difficult to find but if you don’t want to lose time to search around, simply ahead for the nearest convenient store and the 3 most popular are Lawson, 7eleven and family mart. Go inside and you will find your treasure but don’t forget, the unusual flavor might not be available yet depending on the season you are visiting Japan but for sure, the Ice Soda and Lemon will be in the freezer waiting for you.

The convenient store look like this:

Family Mart store in Okinawa
Family Mart store in Okinawa
7 Eleven in Osaka
7 Eleven in Osaka
Lawson in Tokyo Azabu near the Hiroo station
Lawson in Tokyo Azabu near the Hiroo station

Let me show you some TV commercial:

Another cool one, the Gari Gareeeen flavor, kind of fruits

Water Melon flavor, very refreshing in summer

GariGariKun Mango flavor !

Celebration of the skinny-kun 30th anniversry

Red Bean Tai flavor for the new year


Now, enough reading, it’s time to go grab your super GariGariKun Popsicle, enjoy!


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