5 Best date spot in japan

5 Recommended Date Spot In Tokyo

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During the last few years, i have been brought to many different places from the most entertaining to the most romantic spot. In my opinion, on the first and second date, i always recommend my friends to find somewhere not too crowded unless you want to lose yourself in a super lousy room. The most important is both of you can have a nice conversation without being disturbed by others around. Don’t forget that if you are a foreigner and your date is a Japanese person, one of you might not be totally fluent in either Japanese or English/French which why it is important to be able to hear each of you clearly, at least for the first time. 🙂

So, let me share with you the spots that worth to go.

I will divide it into two sections.

  1. If you already found someone using a dating site by example.
  2. If you are in Japan today but you did not search anyone yet. I will help you to find the best spot to hunt!

If you already found someone for dating and you need a place to get closer.

Rank #1


Privado, a rooftop bar that is considered as one of the best places for a romantic “Rendez-Vous” located near the Sumida River in Kuramae on the seventh floor. An amazing view! The design inside and the look over the river is just enough to impress your date. Depending on the day, if it’s not too crowded, you will even have enough intimacy to feel comfortable which is important on the first date. This is actually one of the most impressive date spots in Tokyo.

To give you an idea of the location, if you get a place on the terrace, you will have a view toward the Skytree! This bar is perfect for drinking since the drink’s menu is quite large with some delicious appetizers.

Once you reach the place, you will have to press the intercom’s button to get access to the elevator and then go upstairs to the Privado. Think Privado as “Private” 🙂

If for any reason you wish to do something else after your drinks, just go back to the elevator and reach the other floors under the Privado where you will find the “ping-pong bar” on the fourth floor or just look at the map inside the building to find other places. Look at the image below:


You can look at the drink menu

Overall, the Privado is recommended if you prefer to get closer to your date without being disturbed by a bunch of strangers around. If you don’t speak Japanese, you can call and speak English very slowly, normally they understand simple English words.


Name: Privado
Address: Mirror 7F, 2-15-5 Kuramae, Taito-Ku
Tokyo / 東京都台東区蔵前2-15-5 MIRROR 7F
Opening hours: 7pm-1am / closed Mon, 2nd & 4th Sun of every month
Train: Kuramae Station (Asakusa, Oedo lines)

Rank #2

The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon

This place is not known so much by people. If you search on the web. Almost nobody talks about it but sometimes, the best spots are those that nobody goes for dating. I discovered this when someone brought me by mistake. We were walking after dinner in Asakusa and we didn’t know where to go because, in Asakusa, everything closes very early. But we found this Hotel walking by with an amazing rooftop bar/restaurant. There is two terrace, one is smaller with around 10 seats right next to the bar and the other one is a little larger with bigger tables. Both are facing the Tokyo Skytree. This is where i recommend you to go. It’s called THE GATE HOTEL Asakusa Kaminarimon. It was so perfect and very romantic. Really not crowded and the view on the Skytree was, wow, just perfect! You will like it for sure.

In case you don’t know what is the Tokyo Skytree, it has been built a few years ago in the hope to create a new “trendy area similar as Shibuya”. After the Skytree was quickly completed, all the people in Tokyo had to change the tv receiver to a kind of fiber line. So the Skytree was also acting as a new TV antenna. The tv was clearer when we could use the web from the television. I remember when it happened, i was living in Asakusa in a new building and i was surprised about this news. 🙂

You will see this building from the street:

Go inside and reach the elevator up to the last floor (All is indicated inside) and you will see this chandelier upstairs with this beautiful view: (You can see the blue Skytree on the right side)

This is the lobby you will see once you go out of the elevator of the Gate Hotel Asakusa-Kaminarimon (Last floor)

Once you go inside this lobby, look at your right and you will notice a restaurant. Go inside the restaurant and ask for a seat on the terrace outside. The door has this sign:

The restaurant looks like this:

Asakusa-Kaminarimon restaurant (At the right side is the terrace outside)
In the daytime, you can see clearer. The terrace is on the left side of this photo. This is exactly what you see when you go inside the restaurant.

If you wish a bigger terrace, search for the “B Bar” and you will see this sign at the door:

The B Bar
You can show the photo here from your mobile and ask for this one if you prefer a bigger terrace. This terrace is from the “B Bar”.
View on the Tokyo Skytree from the terrace, so beautiful!


Obviously, you can even have dinner but the menu is not that cheap so be ready if you wish to eat there. However, drinks are not expensive. A beer starts from ¥ 850 while a cocktail start from ¥ 1,020 (same for the wine)

If you didn’t reserve a hotel yet and your taste is Japanese/Western style, this hotel might suits you very well. Here some image of rooms (so beautiful!):

You won’t have an issue if you use English since Asakusa is one of the top area for tourist. 🙂


Name: The Gate Hotel Asakusa-Kaminarimon
Address: Kaminarimon 2-16-11, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0034

Click here for the direction from the airport.

Opening hours: 6:30 AM – 24:00
Reservation: If you wish to make a reservation, they take reservation until 20H00PM.
Train: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Asakusa Station” then, Exit #2
Accepted Payment: VISA · Master · JCB · Diners Club · AMEX · UC · DC · NICOS · SAISON · DISCOVER

Rank #3

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

The Opening of the Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

Another great spot with a rooftop restaurant. It’s called the rooftop bar & terrace G of the Granbell Hotel in Shinjuku. once you access the building, go inside and take the elevator until you reach the 13th floor to the bar terrace.

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel from the terrace view (Now)

Shinjuku is another interesting area filled with tons of bars and restaurant of many styles with the millennium type people. Shinjuku is known as the entertainment city diversity. As mentioned by the owner, the concept is “Having drinks with the view of Shinjuku” surrounded by lights from the city and fresh greenery from the restaurant. From my point of view, the night view is breath keeping and it’s worth to try it with your date if you want to impress. However, it won’t be quiet as you may want because it’s more crowded but again, the place is amazing.

From the inside restaurant view


Beer starts at ¥ 850 while a cocktail starts at ¥ 900. You can get a Smirnoff Ice at ¥ 750 and a Sparkling Wine or a Champagne bottle for ¥ 4,500)


Name: The Granbell Hotel Shinjuku
Email: shinjuku@granbellhotel.jp
Address: 2-14 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0021, JAPAN
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 5H00PM to 4H00AM

Sunday: 5H00PM to 11H30PM

Train: Tokyo Metro Higashi-Shinjuku Station then, Exit A1

More details about the map

Accepted Payment: If you need to exchange money, there is a money exchange machine on the first floor for any kind of currency.


Rank #4

Allamanda Garden

Known before as the Laputa Garden (Stella restaurant), i have been invited to this restaurant and i can say, i felt into pure luxury, what i recommend is to have dinner there and then move to the terrace for a couple of drinks. Since this is a luxury restaurant, the waiter will treat both of you like celebrities.

The service was very classy and the atmosphere on the terrace is very romantic. The pool adds some relaxing feeling as well.

view from the terrace on the pool

Aoyama Laputa Garden on last Christmas (Now named Allamanda Garden)

Can I give you an idea? Sometimes, they release dinner discount coupon on Groupon and dinner with drinks became less expansive. (I have been invited with this coupon). Same service, same quality 🙂

The good side of this restaurant is, it is rarely crowded on the terrace giving you a much private atmosphere which is what needed sometimes on the first date.

Overall, this is a beautiful restaurant if you want to impress, the location on the roof is amazing and it is never too crowded which makes a perfect spot for dating.

Oh and yes, if you worry about language, they do speak English.


Organic vegetables, Fresh seafood, and Steaks.


Sparkling Wine starts from ¥ 7,500 while a Red/White Glass of wine start from ¥ 1,200.


Name: Allamanda Garden Restaurant
Email: No email so far
2-12-14 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo Unimat Aoyama Building 9F
Opening hours:
17:00 ~ 23:00 (Last order 22:00)
Train: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Gaiemmae Station” Exit 4a, then 2 minutes on foot.or

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line / Toei Subway Oedo Line “Aoyama Itchome Station” Exit 5, then 6 minutes on foot.


Rank #5

Mandarin Oriental Lounge

One of my greatest experience on a date was having a drink at this hotel on the 38th floor at around 5H30PM for mainly one amazing reason. We got a glass of champagne with the most stunning sunset. The sun was so red that the room where we were sit became all red color. A red that i rarely saw before and it was reaching the tip of a Mountain, so beautiful !! I felt we were into a movie.

Location is perfect, not crowded at all and excellent service. As always, on a first or second date, sometimes it’s better to be able to hear each other instead of being in a very louzy place. The fact that we can even have a view like this makes it so romantic. This is one of my best dating spot.

We were sitting on the very right side near the window, this is where i recommend you to go if you want more privacy and notice the mountain in the background, this is what i was explaining earlier, the sunset reached the top of this mountain!
This is the view at night, a stunning view! (Mandarin Hotel in the Oriental Lounge)

Once you will reach the 38th floor by elevator, you will notice some very good looking restaurants. If you have the wallet for it, i recommend to try it. Look this view of one of the restaurants on the 37th floor:

One good side about the 38th floor is that it doesn’t seem that we have to reserve seats because it was not too busy and i am pretty sure it’s never crowded which is perfect for an intimate date. And again, the staff understand English 🙂


Name: Mandarin Oriental Lounge

Restaurant Email: motyo-fbres@mohg.com

2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8328, Japan
Opening hours:
7H00AM to 1H00AM
Train: Shin-Nihonbashi Station (Sobu Rapid line); Mitsukoshimae Station (Ginza line), exits A7 and A8

  • Walking distance of Tokyo’s main shopping and entertainment destinations
  • 8 minutes from Tokyo Station
  • Basement entrance to “Mitsukoshi-mae” subway station
  • Easy access to the city’s most famous sights including the Imperial Palace gardens
  • Five minutes from Tokyo Stock Exchange

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