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I am a blogger. I am full time blogger dedicated to Japanese culture. I like to help people traveling into this amazing country.

Which free wifi spot is best in Japan ?

No subscription, no email confirmation, just connect and use it !

If you are visiting Japan, wifi is an important traveling tool which can’t be ignored. Probably you got your pocket wifi from Sakura Mobile or Pupuru and feel enough safe to miss your last train but what if you are out of battery and need to find a way back home using google map. This is where free wifi spot become so useful.

Who should pay the bill ?

who should pay on dates ?

Four rules for a successful dinner in Japan When you leave the restaurant, you want to look your woman like a man, not like a loser. In Japan, more often guys are confused with weather paying or not the bill for dinner and trust my word, when it’s time to pay, her eyes can become…