Recommended hotels in Tokyo

Recommended Hotels in Tokyo

Recommended hotels in Tokyo

Hotel rooms with deals in japan.

Feel safe in Japan with our recommended accommodation in Tokyo. No more worries or bad surprises with dirty rooms. We are adding hotels each week that we test and consider to be the most convenient for new travelers in Japan. We do this to help tourists just like you, for free!

The way we consider a hotel to be recommended is by following this checklist:

  1. Free Wifi in the room
  2. Room size
  3. Free breakfast
  4. Close to train station
  5. Not too far from some fantastic spot to visit.
  6. Room cleanliness
  7. Bathroom cleanliness
  8. Finally, the price, because we think of paying too much for a room, can break a trip very quickly, and in Tokyo, everything is costly, mostly hotels.
  9. Customer’s appreciations


Recommended budget hotel in Tokyo

Usually, mostly in Tokyo and Osaka, the hotel’s room is insanely expensive for the size that the Japanese provide. The most common complaints we get from tourist visiting Japan is why places are so small and so costly. We found in many hotels; beds are not even queen size but single bed size (by default).

In downtown Tokyo, if you want to be nearby the best attractions such as shopping centers, restaurants and, train stations, you must expect to pay between $250 to USD 400 per night (27 383 Yen) and at this price, don’t even think it will be luxury. You pay for the location, not for the room.

But, because we want to help you and make sure your stay will be enjoyable in Japan, TrueLoveJapan Staff has decided to test hotels one by one (Since December 01, 2019). We publish only those that we got an excellent experience without breaking the budget.

As a side note, since most of our Japanese friends are enjoying Airbnb, we have decided to try it as well and will soon start publishing the recommended Airbnb rooms, Stay tunes with this.

Aman Tokyo Hotel

Avg $1 187/night

10/10 Excellent | Based on 751 reviews

“Yes, this room is expensive but I felt like a superstar for a night. Amazing service and the room is top-notch.”

Location: TOKYO

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nihombashi-Kayabacho

Avg $114/night

8.5/10 Excellent | Based on 5,349 reviews

“Very near to subway, clean room, convenience stores nearby and very short subway ride from the shopping districts.”

Location: TOKYO