Traveling to japan for the first time?

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How to spice up your marriage

How to spice up your marriage in bed Valentine’s day is not the best day for everyone. Some are left aside, and this can hurt. With some tricks, it can be fixed very well, and learning how to break the routine in marriage is probably your best bet. Do you remember your first date of…

Interesting questions about japan

7 questions about japan Wow, this is very interesting to see how many people are curious about Japan! Because Japan is very different than other countries in terms of culture, people tend to misunderstand some aspects. But in most cases, Japan is raising fascinating questions that I would like to answer. If you want to…

5 Best date spot in japan

5 Recommended Date Spot In Tokyo 100% Genuine reviews. During the last few years, i have been brought to many different places from the most entertaining to the most romantic spot. In my opinion, on the first and second date, i always recommend my friends to find somewhere not too crowded unless you want to…

Which free wifi spot is best in Japan ?

No subscription, no email confirmation, just connect and use it !

If you are visiting Japan, wifi is an important traveling tool which can’t be ignored. Probably you got your pocket wifi from Sakura Mobile or Pupuru and feel enough safe to miss your last train but what if you are out of battery and need to find a way back home using google map. This is where free wifi spot become so useful.