Japanese Lesson

4th week : Common topics and Direct Questions!

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● Topics about Relationship

Note : Don’t stop conversation even if you have no idea what to talk :). He/she will have more interested to reply you if you always include at least 1 question in your message.

English Japanese
(how to read)
Do you have any plan on this weekend? 今週末は何か予定はありますか?
(konshuumatsu ha nanika yotei ha arimasuka ?)
What movie did you watch recently ? 最近見た映画は何ですか?
( saikin mita eiga ha nandesuka ? )
What movie do you like ? 何の映画が好きですか?
( nanno eiga ga suki desuka ?)
Which genre of movie do you like ? どんなジャンルの映画が好きですか?
( donna janru no eiga ga suki desuka ?)
How’s the weather on your side? そっちの天気はどうですか?
( socchi no tenki ha dou desuka ? )
Which season do you like the most ? どの季節が1番好きですか?
( dono kisetsu ga ichiban suki desuka? )
Do you like animals ? Do you have a pet ? 動物は好きですか?ペットは飼っていますか?
( doubutsu ha suki desuka ? petto ha katte imasuka ? )
What kind of pet do you have ? 何のペットを飼っていますか?
( nanno petto wo katte imasuka ? )
What is your favorite food ? and what is not ? 好きな食べ物は何ですか?嫌いな食べ物は?
( sukina tabemono ha nandesuka ? kirai na tabemono ha ? )
Do you like cooking ? Which cooking are you good at ? 料理は好きですか?何が得意ですか?
( ryouri ha suki desuka ? nani ga tokui desuka ? )
Are you in-door person or out-door person ? インドア派ですか?アウトドア派ですか?
( in-doa ha desuka ? auto-doa ha desuka? )

● (Finally ! ) Ask Direct Questions or tell your honest feelings !

English Japanese
(how to read)
If i go to Japan, would you meet me ? もし日本に行くとしたら、会ってくれますか?
( moshi nihon ni ikuto shitara, atte kuremasuka ? )
If you don’t mind, can we exchange contacts ? もしよかったら連絡先を交換しませんか?
( moshi yokattara, renrakusaki wo koukan shimasenka ?)
I really like you. (name)の事が本当に好きです。
( (name)no koto ga hontou ni suki desu. )
Would you be my boy/girl friend ? 私の恋人になってくれますか?
( watashi no koibito ni natte kuremasuka ? )
I’ll wait for you if you need time to think. 時間がかかっても待ちます。
( jikan ga kakattemo machimasu. )
I cannot give up you. 諦められません。
( akirame raremasen. )
I’ll do my best. ベストを尽くします。
( besuto wo tsukushi masu. )
Can we keep in touch even as a friend ? 友達でもいいから、これからも連絡しあえますか?
( tomodachi demo iikara, korekara mo renraku shiaemasuka ? )

Well done for 4 weeks lessons !
Do you notice how these Japanese lessons have improved your Japanese ?
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