Japanese Lesson

3rd week : Ask many questions to be closer !

You can copy and paste these following sentences to Japanese girls Right Now !

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● Topics about Relationship

Note : Some questions might be too direct when you are not so close yet. Please be careful if you ask it .

English Japanese
(how to read)
Do you have foreign friends ? 外国人の友達はいますか?
(gaikokujin no tomodachi ha imasuka?)
Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend now ? 今、恋人はいますか?
(Ima, koibito ha imasuka ? )
Have you ever had a foreign boyfriend/girlfriend ? これまでに外国人の恋人がいた事はありますか?
( koremade ni gaikokujin no koibito ga itakoto ha arimasuka ?)
Which nationality’s boy/girl friend did you have ? 何人と付き合ってたんですか?
( nanijin to tsukiatte tandesuka ? )
Have you ever been married ? 結婚した事はありますか?
(Kekkon shita koto ha arimasuka?)
What kind of person do you like ? どんな人がタイプですか?
(Donna hito ga taipu desuka ?)
What is the most important thing when you search for a boy/girl friend ? 恋人を探す時、何を1番重視しますか?
(Koibito wo sagasu toki, nani wo ichiban juushi simasuka ?)
Personality / Look / Age / Value / Sense / Hobby / Common things / inspiration 性格 / 見た目 / 年齢 / 価値観 / 感覚 / 趣味 / 共通点 / 勘
( seikaku / mitame / nenrei / kachikan / kankaku / shumi / kyoutsuuten / kan )
Do you want to have a child in future ? 将来、子どもは欲しいですか?
( Shourai , kodomo ha hoshii desuka ?)
How many children do you want to have ? boy ? girl ? 何人子どもが欲しいですか?男の子?女の子?
( nannin kodomo ga hoshii desuka ? otokonoko ? onnanoko ? )

● Topics about Experiece / Value

English Japanese
(how to read)
Have you ever been to (place) ? (place)に行った事はありますか?
( (place) ni itta koto ha arimasuka? )
Are you ok to move out to other country ? 海外に移住するのはありですか?
(Kaigai ni ijuu suru noha ari desuka ?)
Where was the BEST place to travel in your past ? 今まで行った旅行の中でどこが1番よかったですか?
( imamade ni itta ryokou no naka de doko ga ichiban yokatta desuka ?)
Which country do you want to visit if you could ? もし行けるとしたら、どの国に行きたいですか?
( moshi ikeru to shitara, dono kuni ni ikitai desuka ? )
My favorite place is (place name). 私は(place name )が1番お気に入りです。
( watashi ha (place name) ga ichiban okiniiri desu.)
It would be great if we could visit there together some day. いつか一緒に行けたらいいですね。
( itsuka issho ni iketara iidesune. )

How was 3rd Week Lessons? Next week will be Common Conversations when you have no idea what to talk ! !