Japanese Lesson

2st week : Introduce yourself and get attentions!

You can copy and paste these following sentences to Japanese girls Right Now !

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●How to call yourself ?

Note : If you want to use Japanese as much as natural way , you should be careful how to call yourself.
In English, you only have one choice : “I” when you call about yourself, but in Japanese, there are some ways depend on situation and gender. So you can choose how to call yourself at first from following choices.

English Japanese
(how to read)
I わたし ( 私 )
formal for men, normal for women.
(actually, “watashi” is the only way for women.)
I ぼく( 僕 )
friendly way for men , it sounds even a little bit cute.
Women cannot use it.
I おれ ( 俺 )
Informal way for men , you will looks stronger in good way but if you use for strangers , it may sounds a little bit arrogant . Women cannot use it.

● Topics about Japan

Note : everybody likes to be told they are cute or beautiful, but if you use it too much, you will look cheap man or only care about “look” for girls, so please be careful when you use it.

English Japanese
(how to read)
I love Japan so much ! 日本が大好きです!
(nihon ga daisuki desu !)
I’m interested in Japan. 日本に興味があります。
(nihon ni kyoumi ga arimasu.)
I want to be closer to Japanese people. 日本人と仲良くなりたいです。
(nihonjin to nakayoku naritai desu.)
I like Japanese culture. 日本の文化が好きです。
( nihon no bunka ga suki desu. )
Are you Japanese? (name)は日本人ですか?
( (name) san ha pure na nihonjin desuka ? )

● Topics about Yourself

Note : This question might be too direct when you are not so close yet. Please be careful if you ask it .

English Japanese
(how to read)
I’m currently living in (place) . 私は今(place)に住んでます。
( watashi ha ima (place) ni sundemasu.)
My job is (job name). (job name)の仕事をしています。
( (job name) no shigoto wo shiteimasu. )
I usually do (thing) on weekends. 週末は(thing)をして過ごす事が多いです。
( shuumatsu ha (thing) wo shite sugosu koto ga ooidesu.)
I’m keen on (thing) now. 今は(thing)にハマってます。
( ima ha (thing) ni hamatte masu. )
My dream is to become (thing) . 私の夢は( thing )になる事です。
( watashi no yume ha ( thing ) ni narukoto desu. )
My dream is to do (thing). 私の夢は( thing )する事です。
( watashi no yume ha ( thing ) surukoto desu. )
I really wish to have Japanese partner. 日本人のパートナーを見つけたいと心から思ってます。
( Nihonjin no pa-tona- wo mitsuketai to kokorokara omottemasu.)

● Topics about Relationship

Note : This question might be too direct when you are not so close yet. Please be careful if you ask it .

English Japanese
(how to read)
Do you have foreign friends ? 外国人の友達はいますか?
(gaikokujin no tomodachi ha imasuka?)
Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend now ? 今、恋人はいますか?
(Ima, koibito ha imasuka ? )
Have you ever had a foreign boyfriend/girlfriend ? ) ? これまでに外国人の恋人がいた事はありますか?
( koremade ni gaikokujin no koibito ga itakoto ha arimasuka ?)
Which nationality boy/girl friend did you have ? 何人と付き合ってたんですか?
( nanijin to tsukiatte tandesuka? ?)

How was 2nd Week Lessons? Next week will be Ask many questions to be closer !